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Bharti Airtel Seals 2.5B Deal to Launch 5G Services in August

Indian telecom giant, Bharti Airtel Ltd buys a 19867.8 MHz spectrum to commence the deployment of 5G services this August.

Adding to its long-established partnership with Ericsson and Nokia, Bharti has tied up with Samsung for its 5G deployments.

The long-term deal confirms the supply of 5G equipment worth $2.5 billion approximately (amounting to more than Rs.19,750 crores.)

Bharti Airtel signed this deal with South Korean MNC Samsung, Finland-based Nokia Corporation, and Ericsson from Sweden.

On Wednesday in a statement, Bharti Airtel Managing Director Gopal Vittal said “Our network agreements are finalized, and Airtel will work with the best technology partners from across the world to deliver the full benefits of 5G connectivity to our customers,”

Gopal said the company will begin the services of 5G services in August.

Bharti Airtel acquired the right to use a 19867.8MHz spectrum of 900 MHz, 1800MHz, 2100MHz, 3300MHz, and 26GHz bands for two decades by the payment of Rs. 43,084 crores in the recently concluded 5G auctions.

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